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Free admission to all exhibitions unless otherwise stated


In addition to exhibitions, The Crypt Gallery is available for hire for filming, photo shoots, events and book launches. We also offer the space for residencies, pop up exhibitions and events and performances with special rates for last minute bookings.

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25-27 May 2015


opening times: 26 May 10-6pm, 27 May 10-3pm

Private view: 25 May 6-9pm

A group show by Chelsea College of Art 1st yrs, 2nd yrs and MA students



29-31 May 2015


opening times: 6-9pm daily

An exhibition of mixed media and installation by Liam-sy Paquemar

'We Were There' is an exhibit project that highlights the meeting point between several worlds: the world of the night, a discotheque; an indigenous world, a world of cave paintings. This is a ritual approach to a contemporary reality whose constituent parts weave the genealogy of a mystic weft. A Sabbath where arrows of meaning reach the end of their trajectory. It plays with times, deploying a multitude of facets. It draws on memories, conjuring symbols of a distant past that is strangely familiar. This temporal distortion leaves fresh traces of a battle of our passions and our instincts- the door of a discotheque as a rite of passage, an invitation to join the tribe. This quest for identity is marked by the search for new experiences, embracing the horizon of our intimate perception. In this tiny theatre of ambition our movements break the rhythm and routine of this meticulous choreography. Actor of this primitive dawn, we are both predator and prey in this interior world.


17-28 June 2015


opening times: 10.30-6pm Monday- Saturday, Sunday 10.30-1pm

Private view: Saturday 20th June 6.30-8.30pm

R.P. Browne’s APEX, is an exhibition of the provocative recent work by the artist at The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London in June and at The Library Lounge, Midtown Manhattan in December 1-18/12/2015. The artist promises to “flood the space with landscapes of the city swamp and portraits of its rulers”.

This show is the culmination of a three year project for the artist. Browne masters a figurative symbolism opened to a variety of interpretations, not the least political. He says APEX is “conceptually focused on the ever present drivers of power, dominance and hierarchy. The series reflect on the still, primordial core held underneath the evolved urban crust”. Such world is revealed employing skyscrapers, crocodiles, suits, snakes. New York and London, the financial (and art) markets of the world, come under scrutiny.

Rodrigo P. Browne only rarely shows work. Latest exhibitions include “The Regime” (December 2003, Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires), and “5sqm” (July 2008, The Back Loft, Dublin). OPENING DATES / TIMES at The Crypt Gallery: From Wednesday 17th June 2015 to Sunday 28th June 2015, every day from 10 am to 6.30 pm except Sundays- from 10 am to 1.30 pm. Private viewing Saturday 20th June from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. A Press event is proposed at The Shard, London and Europe’s man made APEX (date to be confirmed).