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In addition to exhibitions, The Crypt Gallery is available for hire for filming, photo shoots, events and book launches. We also offer the space for residencies, pop up exhibitions and events and performances with special rates for last minute bookings.

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24 August- 6 September 2015


Opening times: 24 August- 6 September 2015 11am - 6pm daily

Private view: Thursday 3 September 2015 4-7pm

A selection of work by Hannah Melvin, Ellie Tate, Elaine Graham

8-12 September 2015


Carol Quarini is a textile artist, researcher and consultant who makes and studies lace. She uses contemporary lace as a medium for conceptual practice. Some of her work is based on biological themes and she also creates works that re-read the domestic. Recent work has included site specific responses to buildings enclosing hidden memories.

Opening times: 8-12 September 2015 11 am to 4 pm daily

Private view: Thursday 10 September 2015 4-7 pm


18 September-3 October 2015


Opening times: 11-7pm Monday-Saturday

Private view: Thursday 17 September 2015 6-9pm

Please register for the private view here:!events/c1x6c


Artist’s Talks:

September 17th 5pm followed by Private View

September 18th 11am

September 19th 11am

Multisensory perception is amplified and intensified at Duck and Cover! Malachi Farrell’s first solo exhibition in London at the Crypt Gallery this autumn. The UK welcomes the radical Irish-French artist, whose large-scale mechanical installations gained international recognition at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris last year, with over 80,000 visitors attending his exhibition.

Farrell’s oeuvre is best translated as Gesamkunstwerk: a comprehensive method of creating art through a synthesis of elements. At the Crypt Gallery, Farrell’s large-scale kinetic installations explore the synergy between light, sound, and movement. Each mechanical installation is robotic in nature, offering an operatic performance that encompasses music, theatre, and the visual arts. To aid in the narration of his dramatic installations, Farrell seeks to form a connection between the viewer and his works. He uses familiar and found materials to create sophisticated technology, ultimately provoking the viewer to identify with the works and become part of the theatrical adventure.

Now, Malachi Farrell’s artworks are being re-contextualised at the Crypt Gallery – a space with an intense and dark history that served as a source of inspiration for Farrell. The space, which was used as an air raid shelter during both World Wars, is redefined as the stage for Farrell’s eight larger-than-life machine installations. The interaction of the historical space and Farrell’s contemporary installations gives the exhibition a dual historical identity: one that commemorates the 70th anniversary of the World War II and another that documents the present day.

About the Curators

Duck and Cover! is curated by three graduates of the Master of Letters in Modern and Contemporary Art programme at Christie’s Education London: Michael Bouhanna of France, Alexandra Mteini of Lebanon and Nivedita Poddar of India. Having followed the remarkable development of Malachi Farrell’s work in France, they are delighted to curate his first British show and look forward to the witnessing the impact of his explosive and provocative installations on a London audience.

Watch videos of Malachi Farrell's work on the Duck & Cover YouTube channel HERE


13 - 17 November 2015


Opening times: 13 - 17 November

Private view: Friday 13 November 6-9pm

A multisensory exhibition incorporating light and sound with taxidermy, Harriet Hortons first solo show 'Sleep Subjects' explores the subject of animals and their dreams. Neon lights and sounds, scored by producer Rob Shields, create a dream like atmosphere, to represent the animals individual and collective REM.