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In addition to exhibitions, The Crypt Gallery is available for hire for filming, photo shoots, events and book launches. We also offer the space for residencies, pop up exhibitions and events and performances with special rates for last minute bookings.

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--> 22-29 April 2015


opening hours: 12-6pm

Private View: Wednesday 22 April 6.30-9pm

An exhibition of Italian art

I AM NOT SUPERSTITIOUS In this multi-media exhibition, artists will challenge their personal interpretation of one of the cultural, religious and most personal beliefs: Superstition 'I am Not Superstitious' is one of a series of exhibitions which began in Italy in 2012. Each year the events present artists challenging themselves on a variety of themes. The first heats of the 2014 event begin in Italy, Tuscany, culminating in the winning artists exhibiting London in 2015.

3 May 2015


opening times: Sunday 3 May 10-6pm

Private view: 2 May 6-9pm

Artists seminar: 3 May 2-4pm



6-10 May 2015


opening times: 11-5pm daily

Private view: 6 May 6-8.30pm

13 contemporary artists, 13 highly skilled craftsmen, 1 extraordinary collaborative exhibition inspired by the overarching theme of the inaugural London Craft Week; 'London's Hidden Craft', MAKE / CREATE will feature 13 craft scholars from Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) and 13 fine artists, selected by Griffin Gallery, in dialogue with each other. The spirit of the exhibition lies in the desire to demonstrate the contemporary nature of craft, and the craft involved in contemporary art - changing perceptions of both. The selected craftsmen and artists were placed in pairs by a judging panel that included Julia Robinson of QEST, Becca Pelly-Fry, Director of Griffin Gallery, Rebecca Byrne, Events Manager of Griffin Gallery, Steve Macleod, photographer and Director of Metro Imaging, and Richard Edwards, Visual Arts and Craft Lead for Arts Council England.

Craftspeople/Artists: Scott Benefield / Rachel Wickremer Trevor Cain / Nicola Dale Carréducker / Rosie Munro Kerr Steve Cook / Evy Jokhova Cordaelia Craine / Anneli Holmstrom Daniel Durnin / Lucy Dore Aidan Gray / Susan Fletcher Margaret Jones / Jake Abrams James Kirby / Anne Parfitt Rosanna Martin / Gill Newton Alan Moore / Eliza Bennett Mia Sarosi / Heidi Sincuba Melissa White / Chantal Powell


15 - 22 May 2015


opening hours: 12pm -6pm daily - Closed on Sunday May 17th

Now in it's fourth year, The Lumen Prize Exhibition celebrates the very best art created digitally by artists around the world. Its goal is to celebrate the power and potential of this exciting genre through an annual competition and global tour of works selected by an eminent panel of judges.

Lumen's 2014/15 tour opened at Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff before moving to the brand-new Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff, Wales. It was then installed in the beautiful Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens in the month of November, followed by a show at the NYIT's Auditorium on Broadway in New York City. Lumen opened at Amsterdam's Art 'otel's Gallery 5 & 33 on January 9th and ran to the end of the month. The London show will open on May 14 at The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, Euston and run to May 22.

The Lumen Prize Exhibition is installed on large-scale screens, PCs, and high-definition projectors at all of its venues. Many works are also shown in print form or as interactive displays. At each venue, the Lumen exhibition supports local and international charities as well as engages with audiences and artists through symposia, seminars, and similar educational outreach. It aims to share the curation of its shows with art collleges and to collaborate with local artists through 'open call' events wherever possible.

29-31 May 2015


opening times: 12-6pm daily

Private view: To be confirmed

An exhibition of mixed media and installation by Liam-sy Paquemar

My work does not articulate truths or provide answers: I am a researcher seeking and creating possibilities and attempting to create open objects and fields of endeavour reaching out to others. Acrobat of ontology, grasping at the slightest disturbance or absurdity, I scrutinise phenomena and attempt to transmit the essence of my experience to the heart of the object. For so long I have seen myself as acosmic and foreign, my work allows me to present a testimony to the fragile tangibility of my environment, developing an intimate awareness of the connection we establish with the world, feeling this sensation take hold of us, and giving it free rein to act; to act as potential for other things. This notion of the potential of experience enables me to apprehend one or many details of a given shape; to free its content and reveal these possibilities. My work consists in making myself available and suggesting an alternative interpretation of a place or a surface. Creating spaces that have sufficient freedom and liberty to empower people to project their own interior space, thus becoming both actor and creator of their own story. My position tends towards a liquefaction of conceptual thought and attempts to decrypt the arcane secrets of my sensibility. In short, to create objects and spaces that leave enough room for us.


17-28 June 2015


opening times: 10.30-6pm Monday- Saturday, Sunday 10.30-1pm

Private view: Saturday 20th June 6.30-8.30pm

R.P. Browne’s APEX, is an exhibition of the provocative recent work by the artist at The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London in June and at The Library Lounge, Midtown Manhattan in December 1-18/12/2015. The artist promises to “flood the space with landscapes of the city swamp and portraits of its rulers”.

This show is the culmination of a three year project for the artist. Browne masters a figurative symbolism opened to a variety of interpretations, not the least political. He says APEX is “conceptually focused on the ever present drivers of power, dominance and hierarchy. The series reflect on the still, primordial core held underneath the evolved urban crust”. Such world is revealed employing skyscrapers, crocodiles, suits, snakes. New York and London, the financial (and art) markets of the world, come under scrutiny.

Rodrigo P. Browne only rarely shows work. Latest exhibitions include “The Regime” (December 2003, Holocaust Museum of Buenos Aires), and “5sqm” (July 2008, The Back Loft, Dublin). OPENING DATES / TIMES at The Crypt Gallery: From Wednesday 17th June 2015 to Sunday 28th June 2015, every day from 10 am to 6.30 pm except Sundays- from 10 am to 1.30 pm. Private viewing Saturday 20th June from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm. A Press event is proposed at The Shard, London and Europe’s man made APEX (date to be confirmed).