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In addition to exhibitions, The Crypt Gallery is available for hire for filming, photo shoots, events and book launches. We also offer the space for residencies, pop up exhibitions and events and performances with special rates for last minute bookings.

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8-9 July 2015


Performance times: 8th and 9th July 2015 5.30pm 7.30pm

Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis

A raw and sincere landscape of the psychotic mind, a story about someone who desperately wanted to communicate, to be understood; to be seen a person and not as an illness. She allows us to observe the struggle of the self to remain intact and its inevitable fall.

Recreating an internal visual depiction of the human mind in turmoil. A barren space, or a mind which is full of potentiality at the same time. Exploring the fragmentation of self, the losing of borders that the psychotic mind experiences, the performance asks the audience to enter a subterranean labyrinth and encounter the complexity of the human memory, imagination and perception in all of its terror and beauty.

We have created a world open to its audience, a theatre of deconstruction which invites us to enter a region of the mind most of us would hope never to see.

Enter the labyrinth, but remember: you will be able to exit but someone else will stay in there, trapped forever.

A site-specific promenade performance lasting approximately 60 minutes.

8th and 9th July 2015 5.30pm 7.30pm

Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, Euston

Directed by Emily Louizou Designed by Avra Alevropoulou, Ileana Arnaoutou, Eleni Bantra, Lily Has Music composition by David Denyer

A Collide Production


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10-16 July 2015


Open 11-16 July 12-4pm daily Private view: 10 July 6-9pm

This exhibition showcases the work of the BA (Hons) Creative Media Practice students across the disciplines of Photography, Moving Image and Journalism. The students have explored, interrogated and re-imagined the world which they share in the projects on show. Each student has chosen their own direction which feeds directly into their aims and aspirations for the future. The staff have supported a wide range of projects and ideas, working alongside some very talented individuals as they engage in their specialist disciplines. Students from the BA (Hons) Creative Media Practice will go on to form the next generation of media professionals, with some continuing their education to MA and PGCE levels.


31 July -3 August 2015


Open 31 July -3 August 10-6pm daily

Private view: 30 July 6.30-9pm

'Meeting Point'brings together the work of a group of contemporary artists who are each examining the relationships between concept, action, object and communication.

Locating their practices with in that matrix of concerns they arrive at outcomes which are at once intensely personal and deeply engaging. Working across assemblage and installation, BlueCurry's work with found objects examines our perceptions of self by bringing together seemingly disparate materials.

Mia Taylor's fascination with what is yet to be discovered in the space above us, andour potential human relationship, is the basis of a collection of pieces utilising water colour, perspex and sculpture.

Buildingon a practice founded insculpture, Ian Dawson questions the ideas surrounding authorship, by exploiting the ongoing technological revolution by using emerging processes such as 3D printing.

Returning to the overlooked, in order to bring what has previously beenlost into thelight, is the current focus of Nicola Thomas 'diverse work across film, print and performance.

Respondingto the endemic features of a space, Stephen Cooper reacts specifically to the exhibition environment producing paintings which consider the architecture in which they will besituate.

Weaved into the exhibition are Winchester and London based artists who share similar narratives across their diverse and multi-disciplinary practices.

The artist's featured have extensive experience incuration, for example Mia Taylor recently bought together fourteen international artists, including Mark AerialWaller and Sophie Rickett, to meditate on the act of gazing upwards in the show.


10-16 August 2015


Open 10-16 August 9-7pm daily Special Public Preview: 10 August Private view: 10 August 6.30-9pm

The Exhibition,'Ceaseless Ennui' is a showcase of work of London by London based artists. Where at first glance the City can seem faceless with its many generic supermarkets and coffee shops, we have chosen to take a closer look at the non-glorified aspects.

Painter- Lewis Hazelwood-Horner Hazelwood's work is concerned with the efficiency of the artist's practise, The paint is generously applied to the canvas but in using the primed surface as a pallet little is left to waste resulting in thick textured paintings. He has approached the theme of London based crafts with brauvura, showing key influences from 20th century painters like Sorolla and Zorn.

Photoprapher- Scareltt Pimlott-Brown. In 'Ceaseless Ennui' Scarlett brings sculptural influences to an installation of pinhole photographs shot around the Hoo (meaning: spur of land) in the Thames Estuary. A place of post-industrial decay and flat tidelands, boundaried on several sides by power stations, and in the physical, historic and fictional penumbral of London.

Recent work includes introducing crystal growth within emulsions to examine how the morphology of structural forms can be controlled by depositing additional silver salts selectively in particular dispersions, and shooting short films that play with time parallax and the peripheral vision, deferrals and collapses, where the other side of light: shadows and echoes, become visible.

Painter- Daniel Crossan Daniel Crossans art is a product from events in his everyday life, almost like a reaction to the people he meets on a daily basis. He recently graduated from The Birmingham Institute of Art and Design where gained a degree in Visual Communications.


24 August- 6 September 2015


Artist: Carol Quarini

Opening times: 24 August- 6 September 2015 11am - 6pm daily

Private view: Thursday 3 September 2015 4-7pm

A selection of work by Hannah Melvin, Ellie Tate, Elaine Graham

8-12 September 2015


Artist: Carol Quarini

Opening times: 8-12 September 2015 11 am to 4 pm daily

Private view: Thursday 10 September 2015 4-7 pm